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Adorable rechargeable fruit night light

Adorable rechargeable fruit night light

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Rechargeable battery

Kidyhome has selected these adorable little nomadic USB rechargeable night lights for you. It can last 10 hours to accompany your children while they sleep. Soft colors for nights full of dreams, change color by simple pressure or thanks to the remote control, white, pink, green, blue! Made with soft BPA-free silicone.

Adorable rechargeable fruit night light


Type: night light
Battery included: yes, 1200 mah
Energy production : Switch
Voltage : 3V
size  : 11.7 X 11.4 X 13 cm (without feet)
Material : Made of washable soft BPA-free silicone

Energy class G (night lights have a poor classification due to their low luminosity)

Estimated time for delivery 2 weeks

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