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Plush night light with USB bluetooth option

Plush night light with USB bluetooth option

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We love it! At Kidyhome more than just a night light, it's also a soft toy but also a speaker (if you choose this option) to listen to music or stories in the evening. Very practical, rechargeable by USB with integrated battery.


  1. Automatically and gradually switches off in two hours (can be switched off earlier)
  2. Use time: 7-24 hours

We also have another cute little bluetooth night light but also discover night lights that change color!

Delivery estimated in 2 to 3 weeks.


Type: speaker option night light

Power supply: built-in 1200mAh battery (included)

Charging mode: USB (DC 5V)

Power: 2W

Input power: 5V /1A

Bluetooth range: 10m (bluetooth speaker type)

Bear size: 145*125*245mm

Rabbit size: 145*125*245mm

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