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Football themed rug

Football themed rug

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Looking for the perfect gift for a little football fan? Our football themed rugs are the perfect solution! These playful and colorful rugs will bring a sporty touch to your child's room, creating a comfortable and stimulating play area.

Our collection of children's rugs is available in a variety of sizes and designs, to suit every taste and room. Whether your child prefers World Cup matches or football games in the playground, he will find a mat to his liking in our selection.

Give your little football fan the gift he dreams of!

Football themed rug


Material : 100% Polyester

Short-pile rug with velvet touch, thickness of about 1 cm.

Non-slip and washable.

Non-contractual visual, colors may be slightly different in print.

Estimated time for delivery: 2 weeks.

The carpet is folded during transport and can therefore be a little marked, you can leave it flat for a few days or gently iron it like a garment, it will regain its initial shape.

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