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4 strand velvet bed braid

4 strand velvet bed braid

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Secure your toddler to prevent him from bumping into the crib or getting his arms and legs caught in the bars. Protect him from a fall or suffocation in co-sleeping.

Transform your child's room in his image. With our 4-knot bed braids of 3 meters by 15 cm, we offer you colors that are as pretty as they are original for a unique bedroom. We also have other colors and braid available.

4 strand velvet bed braid


Bed braids are multipurpose, they can be used as a back cushion, a sleeping pillow and why not a bedroom decoration. Later baby can sit on it comfortably to read a book.

It's a great gift for newborns and their moms.

  • Material: cotton/velvet
  • Accompaniement: airy polyester
  • Classification: bed bumper
  • thickness : about 5/6 cm

Machine washable on delicate program and no more than 30 degrees in a net so that the braid does not come undone.

Estimated delivery time: 2 weeks

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