Who is "we"? Our history...

In short:

our objective ?

• Offer a selection of decorative items for thematic children's rooms at an affordable price

Our strong points ?

• Our responsiveness: We respond to you and process your orders within a maximum of 48 hours, excluding weekends and public holidays.
• The quality of our partners: Carefully selected suppliers who work in good conditions and are paid decent salaries. Where mentioned the standards of our suppliers have been verified. And the quality of the products has been tested as well.
• Creativity: Regularly offer you new articles and attractive themes

Our dream ?

• That each child has a small space of their own with a pretty decoration, to stimulate the imagination and the dreams of our little ones

our history

Who are we? Our history...

"We are me! Mother of two children , I have always had a particular sensitivity for decoration and creativity. I like to combine colors and textures.

When I became a mother for the first time, it was obvious for me to create a little cocoon for my child. I spent a lot of time during my pregnancy looking for ideas and especially items that could fit into my budget.

There are major decoration brands with magnificent items that make me dream, but you also have to be realistic, not all of you can afford this expense...

My second baby was born a few years later, now he is 2 years old and the idea has been going on for several years: I want to create my own decoration website for children with thematic classification and affordable prices without neglecting quality .

My maternity leave allowed me to reflect and mature the Kidyhome adventure. At 35, I left my job in administration to try to realize my project.

Mon Chéri helped me a lot because he has already been in the online business for more than 10 years, his experience has been a great help, without him I would not have dared to start.

We are for the moment a very small company and I therefore process the articles for the most part on order, with a little delay, often 2 to 4 weeks maximum to receive your order. But if thanks to you we manage to develop enough, I hope soon to be able to have a stock in France and deliver to you much faster! See even being able to negotiate better prices to make decoration even more accessible.

Myself, mom, I am particularly attentive to the manufacturing methods, materials used and the standards that must be respected. Beyond the articles, I have chosen suppliers that I trust. Whose working conditions are good for fair trade. Small prices but not at any price!

In all transparency our articles come from abroad, looking for suppliers I could not find in France or in Europe what I wanted. So I was there abroad, I met great craftsmen and companies who offer items at a fair price and whose working conditions are good. In a spirit of fair trade, I really wanted to pay particular attention to the selection of suppliers to offer you pretty items that I really like made in good conditions.

I have selected each item carefully and tested them all to bring you the best value for money I could find. You benefit from the follow-up of a French company, attentive customer service and French legal guarantees.


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