Collection: braids

Our bed braids are carefully selected, the quality of the fabrics and the airy upholstery make them a must in children's rooms. Very practical for putting in a cradle, a "big" bed, a cabin bed, in a playpen, to wedge baby on his awakening mat or in co-sleeping.... it's like a huge stuffed animal whose use changes with the age of the child.

Choosing the right size for your bed braid?
The advantage of the bed braid: its height allows baby to contemplate its surroundings and its braided design in several strands allows air circulation. Its softness and the pretty colors make it a magnificent decorative element.
Size? it's a matter of taste and budget.
2 meters for a partial bumper the child's head will be protected.
3 meters a good compromise both visual and practical.
4 meters for total comfort and a complete turn of the cradle.
As we grow up, our braids accompany baby, in his "big" bed or to make a cozy little corner in a teepee or to read 💗 💗