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cotton gas nursing cover

cotton gas nursing cover

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Cotton gauze nursing cover or cape is an essential accessory for mothers who want to breastfeed their baby in complete privacy and comfort. Made from a lightweight, breathable cotton gauze fabric, offering a generous size to discreetly cover mother and baby while breastfeeding.

Cotton gauze is soft and delicate, ideal for the sensitive skin of babies and mothers. It allows adequate air circulation while providing visual privacy while breastfeeding.

Allows mother to see her baby while providing a comfortable space for feeding. This nursing cover can also be used as a lightweight blanket to protect baby from sun or wind when in a stroller or stroller. baby carrier. It is easy to fold and transport, making it a versatile accessory for outings with the baby.

cotton gas nursing cover


  • Material: cotton gas, size: 65*100cm

estimated delivery time 2 weeks

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